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So Far No Further

by Sweet Soul

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Some Nerve 02:16
Most wars are raging between my ears Cars crashing the only sound I hear It’s clear no one cares For this pain there has to be a cure Sayin life is fair you got some nerve For this pain there has to be a cure I swear Waiting for fate to give me one chance Looking forward to now and I wish Letting go the only way I know
What if I was dyin' What would matter then Without any sort of hope Only a matter of time and we’re alone I just couldn’t find it The things I wanted to say I guess that we’re all wrong All wrong in a way Getting harder to sleep Can you explain what that means Drowning so deep Been so long since I’ve had a dream Comfort in my routine My mind has never been serene Hold you so tight I’ll cling to you like a disease Well nobody knows what They’re doing it’s all just pretend Maybe in life we can’t Prove that the pain just never ends Would you catch me If I was falling could you stop me If I was leaving Would you hold me cause I’m so lonely without you Life has just become Accustomed being numb Plus another question of Now what?
Noises Drown 01:49
Cherish the important things Before they're gone Selfish should’ve thought Of you way more often Death to every sound Around you noises drown I’m blind to everyone I’m bound to your sweet love Goodbye is the last thing I wanted to hear Please tie my tongue so I can’t speak Stay in the clear Gets me up And never Lets me down
The Moment 02:00
You're memory Is a slideshow in my head I just want you to show me You still feel the way you did Cause I'm done trying to let you win And I'm done trying to break you in It only makes sense In the moment My memory Of long ago was mislead You just want me to show you I still feel the way I did I'm done with it And I'm over it
No Control 01:57
Set me free from what I think What I need forget you owe me Anything for you I’ll be in debt Invariably I’m the absentee Misunderstood Everything that we perceive No control Can’t grab ahold No control Nothing to let go The future is out of my hands No sooner than I could believe Used to think that we could understand
Where have they all gone No more memorable ones Clash my head to slowly become What is said can never be undone It’s not over Caught and passed Way too close for We are the last So far no further Wanna turn back and find What’s in each of their minds Could it be more than our design I’d uncover what is this divide
I’ve got plenty of space for you Pumping at an everlasting speed Soon I swear you’ll see from my view I wouldn’t dare you to break free It’s where I always want you to be Staying contained in my bloodstream I’ll drain all of my veins Sustain all of your pain I got all the space you need The punishment hardly fits this crime Most days I don’t know how to feel Wouldn’t mind turning back to you this time Gotta show you something so surreal
So now that you're neck deep Buried in that ditch Why don't just you bury the rest of You and finish it You used to glow like a fire Burning in my eyes Why did you have to go and Alter my sight Now you’re not so brave Diggin’ your grave You’re diggin’ your own grave
At Odds 02:14
I am a joke always prone To invoke nobody spoke Up until it was all over Disrupt your life a little slower Not in touch I want so much more At odds with what I adore If I had just one more chance Wouldn’t ask or even act Trapped are we just wasting our time Chasing signs nowhere blind
All The Same 03:38
I feel my body melt away I no longer know myself today I’ve started changing shape And I sense someone else always Is it me? If I have something to hate Then I can’t feel my own pain Aren’t we all the same? Maybe it was just a chance Maybe it was inevitable Makes no difference once I know What melts away with my soul


released January 20, 2021


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Sweet Soul California

With members scattered between Los Angeles and The High Desert of California, Sweet Soul is a band who understands the urgency to create. With the perfect infusion of early punk and alternative rock, Sweet Soul carefully craft songs to play repeatedly on your month long tour across the U.S. ... more

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